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The Bike Shop offers thorough, professional

service for all brands of bikes.

Tune-Up: During the Tune-Up, our technicians will remove your wheels for thorough inspection of rims, hubs, spokes, and tires. Hubs will be adjusted, and wheels will be trued. The technician will then wipe down your frame, torque all bolts to specification, and adjust all other bearing surfaces. Once your wheels are installed, the technicians will lube your drive train, adjust front and rear derailleurs, and brakes. In addition we will check tires, frame, cables, housing, chain and brake pads for wear. Price $80

Tune-Up Plus: The Tune-Up Plus includes the Tune-Up and the following: Degrease drivetrain (remove cranks, cassette, chain, derailleurs), Clean/Polish frame, then reinstall components. Price $110

Overhaul: Frame is stripped, and all parts are soaked in our solvent tank. After inspection, your bike is re-assembled with fresh grease, lubed and adjusted. This is the ultimate reconditioning service. Price $180

Brake Services: True wheels, adjust brakes, clean pads.

Quick Check: The Quick Check is great for that old bike you are pulling out of storage, or for the competitive athlete wanting peace of mind for their big race. The Quick Check includes: Complete bike inspection, including: checking tires, brakes pads, and function of shifting and brakes, torque check on all bolts, and drive train lubrication. If you use this package for a pre race check, just add an additional $10(each way) and we’ll install your race wheels and appropriate brake pads. Price $50

Drivetrain Services: Chain is cleaned and inspected. Freewheel or cassette is removed and cleaned. Derailleurs are cleaned, lubed and adjusted. Price $30

*Our estimates are based on average times. Labor prices may vary due to the condition and wear of components and bicycle. All parts are an additional cost please consult our technicians upon inspection of your bicycle. Hourly labor rate – $80.00.

** Our Service is guaranteed for 30 days after completion (labor only)

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Drew’s Thoughts

I feel that multi speed bikes are great for long distance riding or racing. As for general day to day commuting and riding around town,I prefer a single speed or fixed gear. You’ll spend less time worrying about shifting gears, and more time actually enjoying the ride. Isn’t that the reason you got a bike in the first place?


Brake adjustment / Rotor true…$10
Brake cable installation…$15
Disc brake bleed…$30
Brake surface and pad d-glazing/ Cleaning…$30


Chain installation…$8
Cassette/Freewheel/Cog installation…$8
Chainring installation…$15
Crank and bb installation…$25
Chase and face bottom bracket…$30
Bottom bracket installation…$15
Bottom bracket overhaul…$20


Basic computer install…$15
Computer with cadence install…$20
Garmin install…$25
Powertap install…$30
SRM install…$45
Quarq install…$45


Front derailleur adjustment…$15
Rear derailleur adjustment…$12
Derailleur cable installation…$15
Derailleur hanger alignment…$17
Rear derailleur adjustment w/Hanger alignment…$20
Front derailleur installation…$20
Shifter refurbish and cleaning per side…$15
Road shifter installation…$25
MTB shifter installation…$15


Headset adjustment…$8
Headset installation…$30
Steer tube cut off… $8 / on bike…$20
Road bar installation…$35
Flat bar installation…$25
aero bar installation…$30
Faceplate stem installation…$15
Road bar wrap…$15
Bar only cut…$5
Cut flat bars…$20
Fork installation…$25 – $40
Face headtube…$30


Flat repair / install on-bike …$10
Flat repair / installed off-bike …$6
Tubeless tire installation w/ sealant… $15
Install Stans tubeless kit…$20
Tubular tire install w/glue …$45 new / $65 used
Wheel truing…$15 – $25
Wheel building traditional…$45 – $60
Hub adjust…$8 front / $12 rear
Hub overhaul…$15 front / $20 rear

Box A Bike…$50

Disassembly of bike
Customer may supply a box or we can supply one at no charge
Detailed packaging
* All damage and insurance claims will be processed with shipper. The Bike Shop Glen Ellyn is not liable for any damages occurring while your bike is in shippers possession

Boxed Bike Build…$45

Assembly of bike that has been previously professionally built
Performance check and safety test ride performed
* Price listed is for labor only

Standard Bike Build…$80

Budget build for entry level bikes in the box
Includes all the features of the ride-ready tune
*Price listed is for labor only

Pro Bike Build…$180

All the features of pro tune included
Facing and chasing of all applicable surfaces and threads included
Lubrication and thread-lock applied to all components and hardware where appropriate
Bike is thoroughly test ridden and pre-stressed for a trouble free first ride
*Price listed is for labor only